Are you thinking of selling a property? Or perhaps you’ve been with another estate agent for months and your house still hasn’t sold.

If you want your property SOLD and not just for sale have a look at what we offer.

With Nowak Estate , you can be sure of a sale.

Properties don’t just sit on the shelf amongst hundreds of others, waiting for the right buyer to come along.
To clinch a sale we need to stay active, working closely with the seller and constantly watching the market.

With this goal in mind we’ve created a 4-point plan. Here are our tools to ensure a quick and satisfactory sale.

And if you get an offer you’re happy with, we’ll take it from there. We’ll organise everything with the solicitor, help complete any formalities, prepare the necessary paperwork and help complete the sale.

Still have doubts? That’s only natural.
Come and see for yourself.
Arrange an initial consultation, with no obligation.

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